We are Cientonce

We are an adventurous and confident brand, a brand that experiences new paths every day, always seeking to meet goals. We transmit passion, greatness, style and idealism. Our challenges have no limits.

111 Cientonce is a benchmark brand for men and women in the cycling and triathlon community, since we are inspired by real people , who trust them and communicate the sport in a real way.

SARA: Creative, risky, talkative, fashion and sports lover.
While children my age enjoyed playing hide-and-seek, I spent my afternoons designing and sewing clothes for my dolls together with my grandmother.
At the age of 14 I decided to study dressmaking and that became the plan for every weekend, searching for fabrics, cutting and sewing. I went to all the stores in the center of Medellin in search of fabrics for my class. I traded the lazy mornings of girls my age for scissors, machines, and fabrics.

For reasons of life, I decided to study engineering and I dedicated myself 100% to my studies. However, as if not to lose the habit, sometimes I designed my own clothing. The love for fashion never ended and when I finished my studies, I decided to study image consulting.
When Felipe my brother started with the passion of the bike together we saw the need for a different, exclusive and sober brand. It was there when we created 111. In this duo I am the one who is constantly thinking about how to continue improving the product we have, how to innovate and the one who manages the financial resources.
We are a perfect duo, Felipe is the one who knows all the demands of cycling, triathlon and athletics and I, the one who is in charge of giving shape to those ideas.
Thank you for believing in us, for bringing our dreams to life, and for loving sports as much as we do.

FELIPE: Disciplined, serious, very organized, passionate about soccer and triathlon.
All my life I have played soccer, it has been a passion that has accompanied me since I was little and that I have in my blood, since I have relatives who were professional soccer players. Like any child, I always looked forward to physical education classes, but not only that, I was always part of the school soccer team and before the tournaments, I trained at 6am when I was only 10 years old, and in many cases, at 5 pm. Likewise, I always liked the arts, painting and drawing was another space that I enjoyed and something that I always had time for.
Administrative engineer with a purely financial focus, with a taste for numbers and their relationship with the dynamics of companies and businesses.
Among my dreams, I always had the goal of completing an IRONMAN, without knowing the times, distances or modalities in this sport, until I let myself be convinced and signed up for my first 70.3 without even having a team or a coach, and with only 6 months in cycling.
Triathlon has become a lifestyle for me, and something that has taught me that we can achieve any goal or dream that we have in mind, with effort, dedication and discipline.
In the team I am in charge of managing the systems, website, product development and testing, and managing clients and some distributors.
111 is a dream come true, a project that has shown me that dreaming big is possible when we work with passion and dedication.
Thank you for living this dream with us and living this passion intensely.