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After a year of a lot of cycling, the time has come to plan the 2020 season with 111CIENTONCE and make a list of the goals we want to achieve during the new year.

Take advantage of this beginning of the year to think about what you would like to do, learn or experiment with your bicycle. But do it calmly and consciously, since cyclists tend to write down too many resolutions that, due to time and occupation, are difficult to fulfill throughout the year.

- Learn basic mechanics if you still don't know.

No cyclist wants to be stranded in a very far away place. Knowing how your bike's brakes, tires and drivetrain work will allow you to repair and fix any basic damage without having to go to the shop.

In addition, this will allow you not only to be prepared to get out of a difficulty on the road, but you will also be able to save money and time because you will no longer have to take the bike to the workshop for any minor damage. It will be you yourself who will solve it.

- Participate in a race.

There are different events open to amateur cyclists where you can show your talent on the bike and compete for different prizes. L'étape, the Giro de Rigo and the Gran Fondo , including the Ruta Colombia Gran Fondo Antioquia 2020 are some of the options in which you can sign up to test all the training you do for several months. Remember to have an organized training routine and a balanced eating plan with people who are experts on the subject.

- Travel with your bike.

Create a group with your cycling cyclist friends and organize a bike trip to get to know and enjoy the landscapes or take advantage and sign up for an international race.

When it comes to writing purposes, limits should not exist.

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