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Go to bed early the night before. Waking up several times a night to look at the clock and discover that it's not time to get up yet.

The alarm rings and it is not yet day. You get up almost mechanically, you do a kind of sacred ritual to face the monster, THE TOP.

You arrive at the meeting point at the agreed time. With each pedal stroke, the cold, sleep and anxiety begin to disappear, the one that is always present no matter how many times you have conquered the mountain.

111 one hundred and eleven

At last comes the moment of truth. Little by little you separate from the group. It's just you, your head and your legs. You're drenched in sweat, your lungs ache, your legs scream. Your head says no. You ignore the thoughts. You breathe. You keep pedaling and just when you feel like you're about to give up, there it appears. A few more pedal strokes and you're done. Your legs scream even more. You ignore them.

111 one hundred and eleven

It only takes a moment to get out or not to get out. To say no, never again. To decide to be the only one. One chance to be great. To be better than me, than the rest. One more kilometer of determination. You are about to achieve glory.

Suddenly you look back and smile, because you know that once again you reached the top and you realize that everything was worth it.

111 one hundred and eleven

This is 111Cientonce, a brand that invites you to overcome your fears, that gives you the strength every day to get up and show yourself that you are capable of meeting every challenge you set for yourself.

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