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111 Trains at home

In times of crisis and concern, the most important thing is to try to remain calm, not to despair and always have a positive attitude towards things. Feeling uncertainty is normal, but we must be aware that the last thing we should do is lose our calm and patience .

In this article we want to share some tips and training options that we know will help you to take this moment at home in the best way. We are athletes and following an exercise routine is crucial both to let off steam and to strengthen the immune system. That is why it is important to look for several tools that can help us during this time. It should be clarified that it is essential to have advice from an expert or trainer if you have one, because the last thing we want at this time is to injure ourselves or lower our body's defenses.

For cyclists , the simulator and the roller will be their best allies to follow the training routine at home. Those who have a simulator can do their training with the help of applications such as Zwift, Rouvy , among others, where they will find routes worldwide, interval training and rides that various brands are doing during this time in the form of a "challenge" .

For those who have a basic roller , no problem, the training can also be followed. The most important thing is to be very clear about how you want to train. Intervals can be done using the changes on your bike, you can also measure the effort you are making with your heart rate as a reference, among others.

To do this type of indoor training , the most important thing is to have the best adapted place possible. Although, it is clear that training at home is quite different from training in the street, we have no wind, there are no descents, we do not stop to eat something, etc... That is why it is essential whenever we train indoors to have good hydration , eat after a certain time , if it is possible to have a fan or to be in the most open place in your house.

If you have been in this sport for a short time, do not exceed the times. Everything in life should be taken calmly and in moderation.

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