La Tecnología Cientonce - 111 Cientonce

The Cientonce technology


Our jerseys are made from a combination of fabrics with different technologies to maximize the performance of both the jersey and the rider:

  • High breathability, moisture wicking and quick drying fabrics
  • Fabrics for better performance, ultralight materials and protection against ultraviolet rays (UV)
  • Fabrics with ergonomic cuts and micro perforations to maximize ventilation
  • Finishing of our sleeves in Italian elastic for greater comfort and fit.
  • The shirts have 3 pockets on the side, plus a fourth waterproof zippered pocket on the right side.
  • Elastic band at the bottom with anti-slip system for a better fixation of the shirt.
  • Full zipper covered with a zipper cover to protect both the skin and the shorts.
  • Reflective tapes for greater visibility of our cyclists in the dark


  • High performance fabrics with increased fit, moisture transport and UV protection.
  • Perforated straps for better breathability and comfort
  • Italian chamois for use for 5+ hours and antibacterial and moisture transport technology.
  • Pad with specialized materials to maximize breathability.
  • Italian elastic band in lycra, made with non-slip technology at the end of the short for a better fit.
  • Design with ergonomic cuts and Flat-Lock seams to provide greater comfort when wearing the garment for long periods of time (they avoid rubbing the skin).
  • Reflective tapes for greater visibility of our cyclists in the dark.

triathlon suits:

  • Aerodynamic suit, designed specifically for triathlon, conceived and focused on optimizing performance and free movement. The suit fits the body like a second skin, reducing drag (resistance to the wind) at high speeds, and generating muscle compression to improve intramuscular circulation.
  • The main material of the suit is extra light and hydrophobic (water repellent), to improve performance in the swimming segment, and minimize the accumulation of water, thus reducing the drying time of the garment in general; the aerodynamic cuts of the sleeves (without seams), offer an aerodynamic advantage of approximately 8-10 watts in the high-speed cycling segment.
    Elastic leg holder allows to keep the garment comfortably in place.
  • Front closure, active seam system that can be stretched in all directions to maximize range of motion, back pocket to carry food without generating drag on the sides of the body.
  • Additionally, our 100% European materials have the following characteristics:

or 4 way movement.
or Aerofit.
or Athletic fit.
or fast drying.
o Summer fabrics (greater durability).
or UV protection.
or temperature regulator.
o Water repellent.

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